Dell Studio

A terrible, terrible thing happened last night – my spacebar stopped working on my Dell Studio laptop.

Think about it for a second.  The spacebar is one of the most crucial keys on the keyboard.  Without it, yoursentenceslooklikethis.  Bad news for someone who writes as much as I do.  I was able to plug a USB keyboard in and continue working but I really don’t feel like carrying a spare keyboard with my laptop everywhere I go.

Here’s where Dell Support comes in.  Earlier this morning I pinged a support specialist via their online chat service and explained my spacebar issue.  He checked my Service Tag, confirmed that I was still under warranty and informed me that a replacement keyboard would arrive by Wednesday.  He then linked me to a web page with instructions on how to replace my existing keyboard (a relatively easy process).

All of this in about ten minutes.

With any luck, I’ll only have to use this full-sized keyboard for another day or so.  I’ll have a new one installed in my laptop by the middle of the week and, by the time Podcamp Pittsburgh 4 rolls around on Saturday, I’ll be ready to put the spacebar to work once again.

Thanks, Dell Support.  You rock.

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