As some of you know, I spent this past weekend moving to a new place in uptown Harrisburg. The move went well except in one, glaring, circle-it-with-a-red-marker area.

The previous tenant never disconnected his or her telecom utilities. Both Comcast and Verizon.

When I discovered this, it didn’t seem like a big deal to me. Comcast or Verizon could simply cut the service off for the old tenant and hook it up in my name. That’s how I thought it worked. I was wrong. So very wrong.

Service reps from both Comcast and Verizon told me that I have to wait for the previous tenant to cancel their service or have it disconnected if the bill is unpaid.

I suppose the reasoning behind this is to ensure that I’m not the same person trying to establish new service while escaping the older bill. However, if they’d send someone out here, they’d very plainly see that I’m a totally different person. I look different. I have a different name. I have a lease that I signed at the end of October. And, probably the most damning evidence–I DON’T HAVE ANY TELEVISION OR INTERNET ACCESS.

So here’s the deal. I need cable and I need the Internet. I’m missing football and tethering my Android phone isn’t going to cut it much longer. For television, Comcast is pushing me dangerously close to cutting a deal with DirecTV or DISH. For the Internet… well, I’m screwed. That’s what happens when two companies own the area.

If a rep from either company could come and cut the old tenant’s service off, it would be much appreciated.

8 thoughts on “The telcos don’t want my money

  1. Shawn, Call the Verizon LPC @ 973-622-1109 We should be able to assist or get someone that can get this issue resolved.

    Regards Verizon LPC Team

  2. With Comcast, you should be able to go to your local service centre with a copy of your lease and have them disconnect services (at least that was how it worked when I was with them).

    Worth a shot perhaps?

  3. Hi Verizon LPC Team

    The level 1 CSRs should be (trained to be) able to at least recognize this type of situation, and either forward the call, or inform the customer directly, of the Verizon LPC Team @ 973-622-1109. No CSR should ever leave a customer hanging just because the fix is outside of their authority or training. What happened to @Shawn is a “CSR FAIL”.

    So … can you make the suggestion to management to get this kind of thing fixed so that any future customers with this situation … especially already existing Verizon customers that just moving and want to move services … can get the matter proper referred by 1st level CSRs when it is encountered? It would help make Verizon look much better than that other company. But don’t tell that to management … just tell them it will help the bottom line.

  4. Better yet, have the CSR put a notation on the disconnect/reconnect order to verify the copy of the lease when he/she arrives, just like would be done at the office. This will save a truck roll (e.g. do only ONE instead of TWO … to disconnect, then a week later, reconnect).

    Still, whatever the process, the CSR should have been the one to recommend something reasonable (suggesting to wait until 30 days past the next billing cycle is absolutely not reasonable).

  5. Funny, this same thing happened to me in NH a few years back. Comcast would do nothing. I eventually tried hooking my TV into the cable and had signal. Signal was good the entire 11 months I was in NH. So Comcast lost out on a digit triple play package for a year while I got free TV/Internet…

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