“Keep walking. Yes, that’s it.
You’re so close to being Comcastic!”

Comcast, you are so dumb. For real.

I’ve talked to countless specialists over the phone. I’ve had live chats with two reps in the past 24 hours. I’ve even taken a copy of my lease (with photo ID so that you know I’m actually who I say I am) to the local service center here in Harrisburg. What do I have to show for it?


This is the sign of a monopoly, folks. When you exhaust every option the company gives you and they still continue to give you the run-around, like they really don’t care if you’re a customer or not. I’ve been trying for almost a week now to get Comcast here and, judging by the way things have been handled so far, they aren’t interested.

A rep told me late last night to take a copy of my lease to the local service center and that would definitely take care of things. And by take care of things, he meant they’d have someone disconnect the previous tenant’s service ASAP.

That didn’t happen.

Instead, the woman at the counter (who seemed to hate life) told me there was nothing she could do. The previous tenant wasn’t late on payments, so the service couldn’t be disconnected. Baffled, I stated the obvious.

“But he doesn’t live there. I do. It’s just me. That guy is not there.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Before my head exploded with such force that a mushroom cloud would be seen from Colonial Park, I left.

Comcast, seriously, you’re screwing up. Open up my novel-length case file and see how many reps I’ve talked to. Get someone out here to disconnect this crap OR THE BLOG POSTS WILL CONTINUE (cue dramatic music).

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