Don’t get me wrong — I love social networks. I tweet. I lurk on Facebook. I peek in on my FriendFeed pals every now and again. I check in on Foursquare. I browse through my groups on LinkedIn. I’ll join the latest thing Mashable’s pimping. I…

Well, I’m sure you get the idea. Do enough of this and it starts to feel like work. Add that to the fact that a large portion of the work I do revolves around this space and I guess you could say it is work.

So I’m pulling the plug for two weeks. Just like any job, sometimes you need a vacation.

I’ve did this almost six months ago (June 2-16) and I definitely recommend it. Believe it or not, it’s very possible to be too connected and too reliant on those social feeding tubes. When you take a step back and allow yourself to go a few minutes (and then days) without checking Twitter on your phone, the world slows down a bit.

I just wrapped up some work and don’t plan on putting anything else on my plate until the 21st. And, since I don’t anticipate someone inquiring about a project a few days before the holiday, I suppose that means I’m effectively done for the year. But I’ll let myself hop back into the social mix on the 21st.

See you in two!

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