This year, I thought I’d handle my resolutions a bit differently: by being a bit less specific. Instead of setting an exact goal, I’m focusing on a few areas I’d like to improve in. Getting better across the board is more important to me than hitting a few particular milestones. Wanna steal one? You’re more than welcome.

  • Be More Healthy. Make more of an effort to exercise on a daily basis. Try not to eat as much junk.
  • Be More Brave. Do new things. Go to new places. Do not be afraid to move on.
  • Be More Intelligent. New competitors are coming and they’re learning everything. Don’t shackle yourself to your old information and ways of thinking. Embrace the new. Be a student for life.
  • Be More Original. Don’t just echo someone else’s thoughts, ideas, research, etc. – create your own. Easiest way to become lost is if you bring nothing new to the table.
  • Be Less Negative. Anyone can complain. Do it out loud a lot less. This also goes for snark. Not everything in the world requires your witty response. Know when to be quiet.
  • Procrastinate Less*. You work longer nights and feel more burned out because you don’t stick to a schedule. Less screwing around, more doing.

*I procrastinated writing this post. True story.

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