I’ve been pretty quiet over here — in fact, my last post was in July — but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy.

A little over a year ago, I determined that I was going to phase out 20five, my freelance gig. In June of this year, I (very quietly) did that. After a little bit of debate, I settled on a name for a new venture that tied more closely to communications: Convoh. The goal here, however, is not only to offer the services I used to, but to experiment with different ideas, methods, and potential products; to be more “lab” than “agency.”

In addition to Convoh, but along the same lines of experimentation, I’m going to add a few web properties to the fold as time goes on. One of those, Geartap, I hope to launch before the end of the month. Another, which is already somewhat established, will come as soon as I’m comfortable owning up to it. ;) Others will come later, and all will serve as from-scratch case studies on what out-of-the-box actions do and don’t work when launching and maintaining media properties and social media outposts. Translation: a way for me to test new ideas without screwing up work I’m getting paid for.

Speaking of… it was suggested today that the community in the Harrisburg area doesn’t like to share with each other. I’m always willing to help friends if I can, and to clarify: if I offer my help on something, I’m not expecting to charge you! It’s a personal favor. That is how I roll. Some people seem to have a misunderstanding with that. If you think I can help you out, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email — shawn at convoh dot com, or call 717-884-9763. Seriously.

Have a great Friday and an even better weekend, folks.


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