One of the things I really hated losing when Google started its Google+ push was the sharing feature inside Google Reader. Over the course of a few years, I had developed a pretty good list of users to follow, and I barely had to read my own feeds, as they were reading and sharing all of the good stuff. That feature was dropped, and it forced me to start sifting through content on my own.

Fast forward to tonight. I had been wanting to completely wipe out my Reader subscriptions and start from scratch, and I finally did it. Right around that same time, I was poking around and checking out the new features of IFTTT. When I saw I could create a trigger from a friend’s tweet that contains a link, the gears started turning. Could I potentially replace the Google Reader shared articles functionality by automatically saving links from Twitter?

So tomorrow, I kick off a one-day experiment to see how well the 1,000+ people I follow curate content. Every link tweeted out by someone I follow will be saved as a new item in my Pocket account, where I can read it on my own time without having to keep my head submerged in the Twitter stream, or go through a bunch of feeds myself. There will always be items I’m not interested in, but my biggest concern at this point is the sheer number of links that will likely accumulate. I’ll take a screenshot tomorrow. It’ll probably be frightening.

Check back tomorrow for results.

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