Seven-hundred and fifty-nine. That is the number of stories I published at BestTechie over the past two and a half years.


Some received few visitors. Some received many. Some generated great discussion. Some brought out the trolls.

Some made me feel, for just a second, that I actually might not be bad at this. Interviews, for instance, or any post where I got even slightly ranty. Others made me feel doubt. Like, how do I interest people in a story about firewalls and… yeah, see, I’ve already lost you.

This past week, we were informed that BestTechie would scale back so that more resources could be devoted to KYA. Long story short: Mr. Brian P. Rubin and I (the only two left) would no longer be paid writers at the site.

I was (extremely) part-time — so I will be totally fine. Brian was, too, and he actually writes quite a bit for ReadWrite now. So you can go check him out there.

It’s been such a blast, honestly.

I have to thank Jeff for keeping me around for so long, and thank everyone who ever wrote at the site at one point or another (Brian, Landon, Cassie). We also had some pretty cool ladies at Knock 2x helping us out with some things. And to the countless PR folks who took the time to learn what I liked to write about and didn’t send me the same pitch five times a week… thank you. :)

I’m not eager to give up the title of “tech blogger” just yet, by the way. That’s not a thing that’s going to happen. I will still be keeping an eye on the space, and I will still write about stories I like, or that I feel should be fleshed out more. Those posts will show up here for the time being.

There was a podcast idea kicked around, as well. That was originally going to be hosted on BestTechie, but I’m still very interested in doing it.

Anyway, that’s all. When I know more, so will you.


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