On Twitch and YouTube, he goes by the name Summoning Salt. Over the past several days, this speedrunner has been trying to overtake his own Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! world record of 15:31.66.

Last night, he did it. The new world record is now 15:12.14.

As someone who loves (but isn’t very good at) MTPO, the clip above is truly something to behold. Who knew that every single opponent in the game can be downed in the first round, many in under a minute? As it turns out, each match has a recipe to follow. Punching at a certain time, ducking or moving in a certain way — these bring on actions from your opponent that put you in a better position to win, and win quickly.

Is it foolproof? Unfortunately, it isn’t. There is some randomness thrown in, so a player can still be tripped up, even on a seemingly perfect run. But sometimes, the game will accidentally offer up a gift, too, like an extra star for an uppercut. The embed below is Summoning Salt’s “victory lap” of sorts — running through the game one more time while he explains where he got lucky and where he didn’t. If you geek out on this kind of thing, it’s definitely worth the watch (skip to about 02:45).

Watch live video from Summoningsalt on www.twitch.tv

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